Saturday, April 20, 2013

Whole Life Challenge and buying a house!

The Whole Life Challenge went very well, then it ended... in the midst of me beginning a serious house search. Needless to say I have nervously/anxiously been out of my mind hungry this past week, and indulged just a little... I did not get crazy with portion sizes, but I made some choices that I'm really not proud of. I willfully admit that I enjoyed the 2 donut holes, the pretty triangle-shaped brownie with swirly chocolate frosting, the egg roll, the white rice with soy sauce, the lovely hummus topped with olive oil, the spicy home-made chili full of beans, the many tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, the small piece of an amazing cinnamon roll, and the several fig newton's and so-called 'healthy' organic oreo knock-offs... DAMN what a slob of disgusting foods! I do not believe in regret. But I do believe in guilt. The verdict is still out on shame. I mean, I am utterly opposed the the whole idea of regret, but I cannot decide on shame. Well, I have painted a pretty grim picture, when in fact I am entirely okay with myself. Mainly I am okay with these awful choices because they ended about an hour ago. NINE whole days completely off paleo is enough to make my ass start growing visibly larger AND my digestive tract to pain me in the morning, and that's enough for me to pull back on the reigns and get back to the natural state of affairs. Hence back to PALEO! Damn I am glad I do not believe in regret, cuz I'd be in some regretful pit of badness right now if I did. Okay, okay, that's guilt talking! Hahahahaha! The absolute BEST thing I did during the Whole Life Challenge was to outright refuse to weigh myself more than every 8 weeks or so for the rest of the year. Thank God for that because I would not want to see the damage the last 9 days have done represented by some number. I say the rest of the year because at some point in 2014 I will be pregnant with baby #2 and the scale will then be very helpful to keep track of myself... okay a whole other topic entirely. I'll be posting my boring food log daily, mainly to stay accountable to myself and to pat myself on the back when I do a good job. I'm a long, long way from getting back to my pre-baby #1 weight/size and my precious baby is already 5 months old. However, as of the end of the Whole Life Challenge (ahem, 9 days ago) I was 37 pounds down from where I was the day I came home from the hospital with my newborn. About 15 of those pounds came off during the 8-week challenge. Not being completely obsessed with the scale any longer, I'm not as concerned with losing another 20 pounds, though it would be nice... but I am obsessed with getting stronger. I am completely in love with weight training, though I currently only spend about an hour most days doing it... I am not training to be a competitive athlete, that will never be a goal of mine as long as I am having babies, which will be for the next 5 years or so- I am training to have fun! Once we have our house we will be setting up our garage to be able to lift at home, which is of course going to be in addition to the lifting I do at my CrossFit gym. Well, I have sufficiently managed to babble for a long time. I seriously do not know why anyone would read this whole rambling post. Which is funny because I read plenty of rambling blogs. If you are still reading please post a comment. Even just a 'what's up!' will do!!!

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