Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Juicy juicing Routine

My Amazing Beautiful Friend Tawny at has inspired me to blog more!! Thanks Tawny! I have been for the past few weeks that I'd like to start blogging! I am studying for an exam on the 24th so can't blog much until then, but afterward I will certainly be blogging!
Here is one in the meantime ;)

my juicing routine starts with a big produce trip- the following
will last you about 4-5 days, depending on how much water you
drink- the more water you drink the less hungry you will become
and then your supplies last about a day or two longer:

8 cucumbers,
3 or 4 bunches celery
12 lemons
4 limes
A big piece of ginger
a few tomatoes
1 bunch beets
2 or 3 heads of kale
2 or 3 heads of spinach
a dozen or so apples
a pineapple or watermelon- anything for a sweet juice when you
need a 'dessert' juice
a grapefruit
a bunch of grapes- green or red, or both :)
a head (?) of fennel
carrots!! a 2 pound bag (you will have extra)
2 heads of parsley

This sounds like A LOT but if you go to a place where you know
the price and value are right then this really is what you might
spend in 4-5 days of eating anyway, especially if you eat out.
And you will have leftover produce, trust me.

Also you will need some mason jars (about 3 or 4, you'll
rotate them) you can make them by ripping the label off any big
jars like pickle jars.

And the following:
Bee Pollen
Organic cold-pressed coconut oil
Chlorella tablets
Maybe blue green algea if you want even more green
Cayenne pepper (to make your lips tingle :) )

Basically, when I wake up I have about 2 cups of filtered water
with the juice of 1 lemon and MSM (I use 1/2 teaspoon) and 2
dashes of cayenne- usually I also put in 1/4-1/2 teaspoon
blue-green algae, 2 drops of marine phytoplankton, and 1/2 tsp
- 1 Tb (depends on my mood for that flavor) spirulina- then if
I don't get those 3 green supplements in later I know I didn't
forget them for the day. I don't like to put those in my juice.
And I don't like to water down my juice at all, although I do
put ice cubes in my juice before drinking it. I know it is best
to drink things at room temp (don't know why- it's just what the
hard-core raw foodies say) but I like the juice to stay cool/cold
so I don't have to drink it as fast.

OKAY, so I drink that while I make juice! This is on a morning
when I have to go to work. If I'm going to the gym I grab the
leftover juice from the night before (I ALWAYS make extra and put
it in a smaller mason jar as a back up stash)

The juicing lifestyle is different depending on what your day
entails. If you are going to work or meetings/travelling all
day then you have to get up about an hour early to really
give yourself the time to prepare all that you need until you
get home. Having a little too much is okay- you will probably
drink it. Otherwise, if you'll be stopping in periodically
at home then you can do 2 batches. I don't like to juice more
than 2x/day b/c it gets too labor intensive. HOWEVER, that said,
if you wash/cut stuff up beforehand and put it in a big container
after your grocery run then it is much quicker. To make juice
for 3 drink sessions takes me about 30-40 minutes, including
clean up. I drink juice about 3-5 times per day when juicing,
depending on how much water I am also drinking and of course
how much activity I need to be fueled for.

The bee pollen and coconut oil are your best BEST friends
when juicing. WOW! I've heard the hard-core raw ones say it's
best to eat coconut oil on it's own but I love the two
together- taste like chocolate to me when juicing, and raw
chocolate is one of my favorite things EVER (Go Gnosis!).

So how much bee pollen and cooconut oil? I typically have
about 1-2 Tbs bee pollen and about 1 Tbsp coconut oil each
day. I try and spread that out to be about 2-3 times a day
of bliss- and sit down for it! I also like to have it just
before or just after juice so the fat helps me absorb the
fat-soluble vitamins A,D,E, and K. Otherwise it is a really
good idea to put a little (maybe1-2 tsp, some people put
more) hemp oil or other cold-pressed oil in your juice.

Also, you need TEA!!!! Try to only do organic herbal tea-
get the good stuff, I go for Teavana's products. Mmmmmmmm!
You can sweeten up tea with lemon juice, stevia, allspice,
cinnamon- get creative.

A nice candle scent or insence is also nice some evenings,
just don't go overboard- it is a treat for the senses, not
a replacement for a piece of raw pie.

Lastly, get out there and EXERCISE! Keep those muscles
working so your metabolism does not slow down.

If for some reason wake up late one day and you absolutely
cannot make the time to juice and you will be out of the
house all day then just do a quick big green smoothie-
throw some spinach, apple, pineapple, frozen banana,
whatever you choose (high greens though) in the blender,
pour into a few mason jars, and hit the road. Drink tons
of water that day and juice when you can that evening.
The next morning keep to your plan and juice!

And definitely get connected to people juicing on-line
(if not in your personal life). I got a good friend of mine
into juicing and we often synchronize our fasts/feasts.
She is amazing at it and helps me to be too!
Great support= great success!

Check out,,,
I can also send you some! All of mine come from everything in
this email. I try to keep my feasts low-sugar, so I really
don't do much fruit. You can definitly do higher fruit though!
You will see that you'll have your own personal style of
juicing. My friend uses about 12 apples in 2 days, while
12 last me all week- it's totally a matter of preference.

And above all, LISTEN to your body. Rest more when you
feel you need to, and rest less when you don't feel you
need to. And be prepared for some emotional detox- we all
have some emotional baggage, whether it be from the past or
present. Be prepared to deal with it and just know you are
stronger when juicing then on any other way of existing and
that you can face anything. Emotions come up because as
you detox your body yourspiritual self awakens and attenpts
to let go of 'stuff' too. Let it!

Email me anytime- I SO
look forward to your juicy journey!!

Much love and all my best to you!