Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back in action!

I've just joined Raw Food Rehab and am back in action! I didn't get to write for over a week because I was insanely busy with work and Bikram- I have been going to at least 3-4 classes a WEEK and with that and working 80 hours per week (remember I am an intern, I have no choice in the matter) and going to get fresh veggies/fruit almost daily to prep, etc, I honestly forgot about this dear blog. But, fact is, I CARE! and i really LOVE to write here.
SO, to quickly get up to speed, my juice feast kept getting interrupted by my consuming food every few nights, primarily in the middle of the night when on call, and mostly things like bananas, chocolate, and avocados. SO, I took time OFF from juicing, and have been enjoying food again YAY! I made an amazing zucchini pasta/marinara last night that I made with juicy organic tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, balsalmic vinegar, garlic, EVOO, and S&P. That was it. And it was to die for.
My hubby and I had that with a miso soup we made to start with (no tofu) made with raw brown miso paste, water, carrots, onion, shitake mushrooms, and seaweed. YUM! He is not raw, but eats all my raw meals with delight and appreciation. And he is always willing to help me with raw food prep. I wanted to take pics of our meal but was too hungry!
My goal for this blog is to start getting picture/blog posting savvy so that by the new year (2010 WOW!) I can have a pretty blog for all of you to really enjoy.

So, I am on this 11-week challenge on Penny's Raw Food Rehab. And the challenge is to be as close to 100% raw as possible and to lose weight along the way. My goal is to get back to the weight I was 10 years ago by Jan. 1st. Yes, I'm talking about my 19 year old body. I am so going to get it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It means losing 20 pounds from where I am right now.

I am going to juice this week from Monday through Friday night since I am not on call this week until Friday. That should give me a good 2 pound start to my goal! :)

LOVE you!

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