Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh the signs

SOme signs from today- I have an assignment I'm working on so unfortunately have to make this short. but I must get it down!
found an awesome website today while drinking my lunch green juice:


Then, I left work with a superstar nurse, and we walked to our cars together and we bonded over our losses- her son at age 25 and my mother at age 52. I told her how losses make us value our time here more, help us pick and choose our battles and give us the insight to know when to let go and when to do things for ourselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it for us/motivate us. Then after kickboxing (i did bikram and kickboxing today hurray!) the original Golden Girls song was on the radio, some random channel. My mother and I used to snuggle together and watch the Golden Girls almost every night when she was sick, and even before she was sick.

I think that is all for today.
I shared my amazing green juice at lunch today and the 2 docs I shared it with LOVED it. Too bad they won't wake up and smell the fresh juice they could be brewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to you!

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