Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2, a learning experience... again!

Day 2, and I had a hectic day. it is 135am and i am going to sleep in the call room until 730am. Yesterday evening (thursday) i spent about 1 and a half hours making the most amazing green juices to bring to work for my 30 hour shift, and i did fantastic, until i decided to have grapefruit juice and a banana for dinner instead of my spinach/tomatoe/celery/garlic/romaine juice, thinking i would have that juice later in the evening. The banana was really unusual for me for a juice feast, and in fact does not fit into a juice feast at all in my eyes, but i was having SERIOUS cravings for one. Also I usually allow one fruit sometime during the first day or two just to help the transition. So anyway, I then admitted a patient who was malingering. If you don't know what that is look it up please. These people make me furious because in my eyes they are still sick but in the view of the big picture there is really not much at all you can do to change them. AKA you cannot help them, just spend hours and hours going through paperwork with them while they fake many things not worth talking about on this post. Anywho, I got a little annoyed that my patient was doing so much lying, and I had a pretzel- now this was a small one, not the big dough carnival ones! this was just a little one from a chip/plastic bag with like 100 in one bag. You see, these overnight nurses bring in tons of J-U-N-K and I was on the computer in the room full of J-U-N-K. Yes, I consider pretzels to be complete junk. And also the other 'no preservative...' processed crap they bring in. And then I had a few strawberries. And a little rice :( :( :( You see, I am just as vulnerable to relapse as these patients. LOL. All the while I am thinking I am going to spit out the food and it won't count. Duh, that is insanity. Swallow. I am not food disordered.
So, the lesson I learned is that I need to do several things while on call on a juice feast:
1.) BLOG! I COMPLETELY forgot I have this outlet!!! ARGHHHHHH!
2.) Wear several layers so I don't get cold, it slows me down and also makes me procrastinate drinking my juices b/c they are even colder than me.
3.) DO NOT work AT ALL in the room with shit food. In fact, I decided yesterday to stay away from food altogether while I juice feast.
4.) Keep my ipod shuffle in my white coat so i can hear a song to redirect my attention when I start thinking about food.
5.) Take a nap around/just after dinner time if I can (in the on-call room).
6.) Just as important as #1: After 5pm have green juice with me ALL NIGHT, continuously with me, if I am not going to have a dinner juice at 5pm. If I have a dinner juice at 5pm, then have another juice with me at all times after 7pm. Or tea. Or water. All three in rotation would be the ideal.
7.) Tell the night nurses what I am doing??? I don't know, I don't see how this would help much.

What did you learn today???
Now I will sleep for a bit, get up at 730am, work until noon or 2, and go home to my honey ;) hopefully i will have energy to jog around the lake when i get home ;)
tonight's dinner juice is this morning's breakfast ;)
love and bear hugs,

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