Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A new beginning

Right now is like dawn for my spirit, for my soul. The sun is just oh so slowly beginning to rise, the darkness oh so slowly dissipating by the hour. Here will now follow the beginning of my blogging excursions, my documentation of things you will want to read, things you never thought you'd read, and things I won't believe I'd let you read. Day by day, yes, I wrote that correctly... DAY BY DAY, I will here-on-in be documenting my raw food life. My fitness crazed life. My life. I will struggle to be open here. It is hard to be open, this is a BLOG! How do I get past that? Well, maybe I will pretend there are no readers. There are none yet anyway!!!... well there may be a couple.

I've got goals.
These goals are very very real.
Some have been goals since I was 17 years old.
Some have been reached, if only for a moment.
And some have yet to be reached.

There will be several themes here on this blog.
One is my raw food journey, complete with recipes, truthfulness, and lots of emotion.
Second is my fitness journey. Supported by my nutritional choices, my fitness and weight goals will be tracked here, with honesty, and with efficiency. I will document all of my work-outs. Which brings me back to the first theme; I will also be documenting all of my meals and snacks.
Third is my career journey. The next 4 weeks are going to be particularly tough for me. You will read why...
And fourth, last but certainly not least, will be my spiritual growth as I recover from some old ghosts (LOL i really don't have any, spare the fact that I am a late-night snacker, that is my 'old ghost') and move toward my goals.

I will be complete with photos, oh so fun!

And I will always welcome feed-back. This is as much for you as it is for me. I have been inspired by so many blogs out there, countless numbers of blogs in fact. Hence my hope is that I can inspire you. My commitment to you helps me stay true to myself as well, specifically in the honesty of the content. Everything will be 100% from the heart, 100% reality. No sugar coating here.

So let's begin, no?

I have been trying ever so hard to let my body naturally go back to being completely high raw. Problem? Obstacle? THE NON-RAW HUSBAND!!!! Baby you know I love you, but all the amazing cooked food you create, full of LOVE, spoils my efforts to be high-raw. The raw food buzz is so exciting and intoxicating to me. So pure and full of energy, truth, and powerful wisdom.

Back to my post. I have about 5 more minutes to write, whoops 4. In 4 minutes I get dressed and go to Tae-bo class. After just eating a bunch of cooked onions, peppers, asparagus, and a little basmati rice. Then I grazed on organic blue corn tortilla chips and lots of raw treats, including tahini and sunflower seed nut butter (the nut butter was not raw). I cannot even begin to write in the next now 3 minutes how what I just ate was 100% emotional and tied to the next 4 weeks I will be having at work. Tomorrow I start on a new internal medicine wards team, which will be fantastic, but it will be for 2 short hard worked weeks leading up to the cardiac intensive care unit. Basically I have 2 weeks to learn CICU material while working 80 hours per week on the wards. That spells for stress. That spells for a bit of self confidence wasting. That spells for some questioning of my committments.

I have one minute left.

I am going to Tae-bo. I will do the best that I can, that's all we can do right? Wrong. I know I can do better. That is why I am now committed to this blog.

Will post again soon.

Love and hugs, xoxo
Rach <3

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