Monday, March 5, 2012


Sarah: "I might regret this, but I'm gonna go confirm this guy's social security number..." as she leaves the room to approach the irritable manic patient in the room next door. He is doing his best to be polite and pleasant, but can't help himself from trying to convince any staff that will entertain him that he will be the next *insert grandiose position of power here*.

I am pregnant.


He is mumbling something about Atlantic City now. He is quite the talker. Oh yes, he's manic. I said that already.


I said that already too.

I am still a little shocked, but I don't really have a reason to be. I'm shocked that it happened so fast, although Cami said she was pregnant after only 2 and a half weeks of trying. And I believe Mandi gave me 2 months tops. I'm shocked that Cain knew last week, days before I took a pregnancy test. The exact conversation:
Cain: I think you are pregnant.
Me: Why, because I've gained a little weight?
Cain: No, because you smell like 'baby'?
Me: Oh, well I have not showered today.

I believe that was Wednesday or Thursday of last week.
The next day he asked if I took a pregnancy test yet. I had not. He said I still smelled like 'baby'.

I finally took a pregnancy test Sunday morning. One pink line and one faint pink line. Asked Cain if there was one line or two. He said one and a half. Posted that on facebook so our friends and family could get a good little chuckle.

The manic guy is silent now.

They all got more than a chuckle. They got word that I was pregnant. Now everyone knew before me.

So I went to Tae-bo. It's a party, it's a party, it's a party, ay!... No, seriously, Sunday mornings is straight-up a Tae-bo 'party'. Before I went to Tae-bo Cain said, "you can't go to the gym, you have to eat now, you have to GET FAT". Is HE insane? He believes I am obsessed with food and exercise. But really I'm obsessed with being fit and healthy; I wouldn't really say obsessed I'd say pre-occupied, or rather it is one of my very top priorities. Anyway, I went, and when I came home there were nearly 30 comments on my facebook post. I love you all so much :) Went and got the 'yes' or 'no' test, and it said 'yes'.

So here I am, preggo, or as Lindsay says, preggers.

And now I finally have a reason to blog! Hip hip hurray! I don't know, something about just blogging for the hell of it didn't seem so meaningful to me. Well, not so much that it was not meaningful, it just felt too exposing, too self-serving, too 'obsessed'. But now there is a little peanut who can one day read all of my verbal diarrhea and hopefully appreciate a little chronicle of his life in the womb...

Sarah's great comment a moment ago: "You know you're in trouble when the patient walks in with The Harvard Dictionary of Medicine."

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