Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 1 of yet another juice feast is tomorrow!

Oh Lord! I have not written in a while, but now I am DETERMINED to do this- I am determined to make blogging work for me. Writing was extremely therapeutic when I was a teenager learning about love and life, and now that I am a young woman on the raw food journey I will write! I WILL I WILL I WILL! okay, enough hysterics!
My last post, eons ago, was day 5 of a 30 day feast, which if I remember correctly did not make it far beyond 10 days... maybe because I was not writing. There are not many people in my day to day life that I can express my sincerest emotions to when I am juice feasting. I can of course express them to my husband (we just got married a little over a month ago ;) ) but he has never attempted a juice feast so I don't think he truly understands what we juice feasters go through. I mean I go through seriously intense emotional stuff- I get seriously offended and saddened by the crap acidic garbage people ingest while I am juice feasting. I get ill at the sight of nasty food that is served up to very intelligent doctors, and the amount of caffeine and soda these people consume. I feel it is our duty to respect our bodies and our soul by living a pure life on live food.

To change the subject, I will also be writing about BIKRAM YOGA:):):) my favorite obsession. The next best thing to Bikram to me is the sauna, which I'll be entering tonight after a 1 hour spin class at the gym. I was going to jog around the lake, but I wanted to be home instead for a call from one of my dearest friends who now lives in Rome. I did not hear from her, I think she must still be at the art gallery openings, but we will likely speak this weekend. I am quite eager to see her face (Skype).

I have been attempting to begin a 16 to 30 day feast for the past 2-3 weeks. Each weekend for one reason or other I end up breaking the feast- painting one weekend, a rude aweful break-up with a best friend since high-school who I just can't be close to anymore, more painting another weekend and some nesting with my hubby. But the whole time I had in mind that October 1st would be day 1 all over again. After all, my b-day is October 16 and the BEST gift I could give myself is the gift of a juice feast that lasts longer than 2 weeks. In my opinion the best results are attained when you feast for more than 10 days, and optimally more than 14 days. (The gift from my husband is going to be a wheatgrass grower's kit, yay!)

I'm going to try and work on my husband to feast with me this weekend. He gets very cranky when he gets hypoglycemic- i do not have the same reaction to hunger, my body regulates sugar very well so I never really feel any weakness when I juice feast.

Okay, I must run to get ready for spinning and the sauna now. I can't wait to lie there in 160 degree Farenheit, bliss ;)

Love and bootysmacks,

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